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Photo 1 of 82nd Base 3rd Base 1st Base TGT TAT TAC TAA Stop (Ochre) TAG Stop 16 Use The Codon  Table . (delightful Codon Table #1)

2nd Base 3rd Base 1st Base TGT TAT TAC TAA Stop (Ochre) TAG Stop 16 Use The Codon Table . (delightful Codon Table #1)

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2nd Base 3rd Base 1st Base TGT TAT TAC TAA Stop (Ochre) TAG Stop 16 Use The Codon  Table . (delightful Codon Table #1)The Standard Codon Table. The Table Orders The 64 Codons Into 16 ( Codon Table Great Pictures #2)Vertebrate MtDNA Code ( Codon Table #3)SDSU College Of Sciences (superb Codon Table  #4)How To Use An Amino Acid Codon Table ( Codon Table  #5)How Do 64 Different Codons Produce 20 Different Amino Acids? (ordinary Codon Table  #6)How To Read A Codon Table ( Codon Table  #7)Figure Imgb0001 (awesome Codon Table #8)

This image about Codon Table have 8 photos , they are 2nd Base 3rd Base 1st Base TGT TAT TAC TAA Stop, The Standard Codon Table. The Table Orders The 64 Codons Into 16, Vertebrate MtDNA Code, SDSU College Of Sciences, How To Use An Amino Acid Codon Table, How Do 64 Different Codons Produce 20 Different Amino Acids?, How To Read A Codon Table, Figure Imgb0001. Here are the attachments:

The Standard Codon Table. The Table Orders The 64 Codons Into 16

The Standard Codon Table. The Table Orders The 64 Codons Into 16

Vertebrate MtDNA Code

Vertebrate MtDNA Code

SDSU College Of Sciences

SDSU College Of Sciences

How To Use An Amino Acid Codon Table
How To Use An Amino Acid Codon Table
How Do 64 Different Codons Produce 20 Different Amino Acids?
How Do 64 Different Codons Produce 20 Different Amino Acids?
How To Read A Codon Table
How To Read A Codon Table
Figure Imgb0001
Figure Imgb0001

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co•don (kōdon),USA pronunciation n. [Genetics.]
  1. a triplet of adjacent nucleotides in the messenger RNA chain that codes for a specific amino acid in the synthesis of a protein molecule. Also called  coding triplet. Cf. anticodon.


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